Dealing with Altitude Sickness AMS (for Mountaineers)

In Partnership with:  (tba) Clinical Skills Simulation Unit & Royal Geographical Society

The basics on mountaineering AMS (acute mountain sickness) are available everywhere, but there is a higher level of understanding that you can gain.
If you are in a mountaineering situation requiring difficult decisons, it can be very useful to be able to assess:
1. How bad is it? and
2. Is it getting worse or better?

This 1 day course gives sufficient clinical understanding to assess the level of HAPE / HACE  and assess if it is worsening or improving.
Uses clinical simulation techniques to understand:

  • Checking Lung function before leaving
  • Lung / breathing sounds if you are getting pulmonary oedema- how bad is it?
  • Pulse oximetry (the LED finger sensor)
  • Assessing Ataxia / Mental confusion level
  • Lag times before onset / recovery
  • Use of drugs to contain the situation, if descent not immediately possible

Recommended if you are going mountaineering above 5,000m, eg Nepal Trekking Peaks