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Break Club

Where women with stressful jobs can go and smash things up.  Please, please let us run this. This seems to be no problem in Argentina. Health & Safety might be an issue in the UK.
We are investigating

Our Picks for Free ‘Cloud’ Software for your Project

‘Cloud’ software means you sign up for an account with Google / WordPress / Youtube / EventBrite etc. You then get a system you can use via your web browser, which lives on their server.
Youtubes below are best watched on Youtube (click button in video) and zoom to fullscreen

WordPress- How to add Posts and Pages:

Watch from 1 min 25, after the bit about them setting it up for you

How to use Google Docs:

Free cloud alternative to Microsoft Office.  (See also OpenOffice for PC)
Anson Alexander’s videos are good

E-Business Club

We did a variety of their e-business courses last year and were very pleased with them

How to create a website with WordPress